What Is The Name Of The Fairy In Peter Pan?

What Is The Fairy From Peter Pan’s Name? Explaining the answers to an Amazon quiz The name of the fairy in Peter Pan is Tinkerbell. Scottish author and playwright J.M. Barry wrote Peter Pan (1860–1937). He’s a mischievous youngster with wings.

Question 1: What does the fairy in Peter Pan go by?
Response 1 (C): Tinkerbell

Question 2: What is the fabled food that Popeye consumes to increase his strength?
Solution 2 (D): Spinach

Question 3: Which animated series features the characters Blossom, Bubbles, and Buttercup?
Powerpuff Girls are Answer 3 (C).

Question 4: Who is Mickey Mouse’s girlfriend named after?
Response 4 (C): Minnie

Question 5: Who is “The Lion King’s” villain’s name?
Answer 5 (D): Scar

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