What Celebrity Downfall Did You Feel Bad For?

Judge Judy

Since she was a very little child, not a single person has stood up for her, not even her own mother.

From the beginning, she had no chance.

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The same applied to Doris Day, whose son was the intended victim of the Manson murders at 10050 Cielo.

I read a biography of Ms. Garland in the early 1990s, and for much of the book I kept wondering if I was reading about Judy Garland or Axl Rose.

I concur with Natalie Wood and add Judy Garland. 💔

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I think the only one who was always polite to her was the actress who played the wicked witch of the west.

Thames Phoenix

Feel terrible for him, particularly Joaquin Phoenix who witnessed his final moments and whose 911 call was leaked so that everyone could hear how powerless he had been. Stupid dude. He merely wished to keep his sibling alive. They were the Phoenix family’s closest siblings.

I read that he was heavily using heroin and other drugs with John Frusciante toward the end. It’s a marvel that Frusciante survived after nearly meeting the same fate. He represents one of the most remarkable comebacks in music history.

The other day, I was watching The Last Crusade. Finding out that young Indiana Jones (River Phoenix) had passed away and that veteran Indiana Jones (Harrison Ford) was still living was bizarre.

Jennifer Murphy

Too much scrolling was required to discover this remark. Brittany Murphy was asked, “What happened? ‘ on HBO left me shaken for days after watching it. I had no idea her sociopathic cheating spouse was using her and controlling her. extremely depressing If she had had guardians, her life would have been very different.

She would most likely still be alive if she hadn’t been engaged with her husband, in my opinion.

I still can’t watch her movies, even though she is one of the few celebs I truly miss.

She did an outstanding job in Girl Interrupted.

She wasn’t just one of the girls that were naive.

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Lauren Lohan

She actually has a tonne of talent, but who could grow up with those parents and work as a child performer without experiencing some major setbacks? She had already been condemned.

I had to search too far to discover this. She was amazing in The Parent Trap. She may currently be appearing in a movie developed specifically for Netflix. I’m hoping she’ll come back strong.

It was heartbreaking to witness Britney Spears’ mental breakdown and the world’s continued abuse of her at the time.


Not the entire globe. One of the young guys insisted that we leave Britney alone.


I too entered treatment on the same weekend as Britney did. I had a breakdown and wanted to leave everything behind. I sobbed a lot, both for myself and for her. I could deal with my problems in peace. The unfortunate woman had to experience it in front of others. She has my utmost regard for both her courage and her character. Thank you for the prize, in revision. When I got in the shower after writing this, I was overcome with emotion as I thought back on all those feelings. I cried because I want to never go back to that scary location.

South Park, of all places, was the one to call it out. Even if they did it in an abrasive and unconventional manner, they were among the few who at the time called TMZ out on their cult of bullsh*t.

After seeing Jake Lloyd in “Jingle All the Way” and recognising him as a young Anakin Skywalker, I started researching what happened to him.

He was eventually diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, which is apparently a result of how much Hollywood, and the Star Wars saga in particular, affected him. It’s awful to learn about these tragic tales involving young actors; you can’t help but feel sorry for them, but the truth of their circumstances is frequently discouraging.

I understand what you folks are saying about schizophrenia and the various ways it could present itself in a person. I wasn’t implying that his Star Wars role was the primary reason for his personal history; rather, I was drawing attention to the link between young Hollywood stars and the decrease in mental health that they frequently face.

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See also the writing that was delivered to him. Daniel Day Lewis couldn’t have carried off such parts.

The Star Wars “Fandom” treated him terribly. It is abhorrent when uninvited strangers accuse a young person of “ruining their childhood” because they disliked the character they saw him portray. Even Star Wars actor Mark Hamill criticised the fandom for it.

Mr. Corey Haim

He allegedly experienced sodomization at the age of 14 on the Lucas set.

The Coreys attempted to alert the public to the pervasive paedophilia in Hollywood, but they were made to appear crazy.

Brad Renfro, Jonathan Brandis, etc.

Their brief lives (and the suffering they experienced throughout them) will always be tragic and upsetting.

Jonathan Brandis

I had Jonathan Brandis in mind. It was regrettable that there wasn’t much discussion after his passing. Growing up, I loved seeing his films. He should have talked more about his time in Hollywood, in my opinion.

According to Corey Feldman, Charlie Sheen sexually assaulted Haim.

Feldman hears Barbara Walters yell, “You’re wrecking an entire industry,” as she addresses him.

As of a few months ago, she also claimed on Twitter that her dad was abusive to her in every way possible, which led them to 5150 her, and then she came back to redact her statements. That’s really odd, don’t you think? ETA: There seems to be some debate on whether her parents were bad or not. IMO, they were terrible by exploiting her as a child and then didn’t protect her, which led her to allegedly getting groomed by Dan Schneider.

She is DN FUNNY, her physical comedy is excellent, and “She’s The Man” is still one of my favourite movies. I was so hoping to see her perform more of it, but then bang, it was all gone.

She was having these episodes so late into her life and success that it can be kind of hard for people to know what is happening, I guess. I felt bad for her because it’s hard for people who have experienced more success than the average person to feel the need to get help. Bipolar episodes in women hit later than they hit men, so she was having these episodes so late into her life and success.

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I enjoy watching her Faerie Tale Theater, and my favourite is the Tim Burton-directed Aladdin episode, which stars Lizzy McGuire’s father Robert Carradine as Aladdin, Leonard Nemoy as the Moroccan magician, James Earl Jones as the Genie, and a few other notable actors.

What a fantastic episode, man.

Robin Williams

I have a mother who is suffering from dementia, and it’s terrible and heartbreaking to see someone you care about lose interest in things they used to enjoy. Even though my sister and I have planned for the worst, it is still difficult.

Along with malignancies, prions can consume a bag of richards!

Last Tuesday, my grandpa passed away, most likely from liver and kidney failure. He also had heart failure, but the nurse who came to turn off the pacemaker’s defibrillator claimed that his heart was still beating normally (I say most likely because he also had flu, although the exact cause is still unknown, so I suppose that could be why Grandma is waiting for a registrar to call her).

On Friday, he was OK. He stated the desire to return home and have an egg and bacon sandwich with a cup of tea. He wasn’t doing well when I saw him on Saturday, but he was aware of our presence. He appreciated the origami flamingo I folded for him. On Sunday, they spoke with him on the phone; they saw him on Monday; and they began palliative care. The next day, about the time I considered calling Grandad, I received a call from my uncle. and I immediately understood that it was bad news when I recognised him.

Just so quickly, really. Only one month before, on his birthday, he had been admitted. A week or so before he passed away, he began to deteriorate, but his last slide was so quick.

I’m really struggling because I miss him:(

And I’m very sorry you have to deal with that; dementia is a terrible disease.

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