What a Week Huh Meme Explained

What a Week, Huh? is a reference to a comic book page from The Adventures of Tintin that features the characters Tintin and Captain Haddock and was recaptioned with a funny line from an episode of the sitcom 30 Rock from 2009. The recaptioned panel, which is also used as a template for redraws, quickly garnered notoriety as a reaction image for exhaustion and overwhelm. The Twitter prank account @whataweekhuh went viral in November 2020.

The second episode of season 4 of the American television comedy series 30 Rock, titled “Into the Crevasse,” debuted on October 22nd, 2009.

In the episode, Tina Fey’s Liz Lemon complains to Alec Baldwin’s Jack Donaghy about having just ended a demanding workweek, and Donaghy points out that it is still just Wednesday.

A two-panel graphic of the scene that was posted on Tumblr account insanity-and-vanity before November 5th, 2014, received over 45,000 likes and reblogs in seven years.

Ingrid Fey 30 Rock Forehead Glasses by Liz Lemon Fashion Coat Tie Sleeve Dress Shirt Collar Blazer Spokesperson Chin Facial Expression Product Human Vision Care

Wow, what a week.
It’s Wednesday, Lemon.

The ninth volume of The Adventures of Tintin, written by Belgian artist Hergé, was released in the Le Soir Jeunesse newspaper supplement between October 17th, 1940, and October 18th, 1941.

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Before Tintin enters via the window and accuses Captain Haddock of trafficking in drugs, he is first shown in the book buying whisky from his mate and consuming it by himself in his cabin.

On June 21st, 2017, the dialogue and panel were mixed by the prank Tumblr account Incorrect Tintin (incorrectintin), with Captain Haddock lamenting to Tintin about his difficult week.

Nobody was there! But what if the whisky is to blame? Who are you, who-who? Ssh! There is no sound! OLD Thanks I’ve just jotted them down! I’ve had enough time in your cargo hold with its opium load! Did you not know? Someone was made to ride in this disgusting tub, and… … Do you realise that I am Captain Haddock? And I can have irons slapped around you! Opium! But n-n right now? … It’s frightening! I’m an honest man, and not just that, but who…? Allan, the f-first mate, must have done something to double-cross 0.0.opium? The nold contains ортит, right? … In my possession… mine? You insulted me. Comics The Golden-Clawed Crab Cartoon A person’s expression Jaw, a Vertebrate Organ Mammal Group Font Art People Thanks! I’ve just just left them! I’ve had enough time in your cargo hold with its opium load! Did you not know? Opium! But n-h right now? It’s frightening! I’m an honest man, and who better to say that than me? It must be Allan, the first mate, who has done this to me because he’s double-crossing me, right 0.opium? The hold contains opium, right? In my possession…mine? … Comics Hastings, Captain Cartoon Jaw Sharing Organ Gesture with a Hair Head Happy Wow, what a week. Wednesday morning, 0 o’clock, Captain Haddock text cartoon comics Fictional human behaviour communication line

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The recaptioned panel saw viral spread in the years that followed, typically being displayed on Wednesdays. For instance, the image was re-posted on December 19th, 2018 by Reddit user MyFriendStoleMyMeme to the /r/me irl subreddit, where it received over 34,100 upvotes in just six months.

The earliest discovered redraft of the panel was posted by Tumblr user sklaviiik on July 24th, 2019, and it was a redraft from Nuclear Summer 1997. It received over 110 likes and reblogs in just two years. It Is Wednesday, My Dudes was mentioned in an update by Reddit user Razorshells7125 on April 23, 2020, that in just six months got 540 upvotes in the /r/danktintinmemes community. On Reddit, more posts combining the memes appeared.

Wow, what a week. Cap’n, today is Wednesday Sharing Human Cartoon Biological Gesture Font Wow, what a week. Wednesday is here. My Captain, oh, oh, oh, oh Sharing Cartoon Jaw Organisms with Hair

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What a week, huh? on December 18, 2019, Twitter prank account Every Wednesday, the account whataweekhuh @whataweekhuh posts an image. The account went relatively ignored until it published a post on November 4, 2020, the day after the 2020 US presidential election, which garnered more than 5,500 retweets and 15,700 likes. All subsequent weekly tweets from the account garnered at least 4,000 retweets, and all tweets sent after March 3, 2021, received at least 20,000. The account had gained more than 157,000 followers as of June 15th, 2021.

Beginning in late 2020, the meme gained notoriety in revisions and redraws after being made popular by the @whataweekhuh gimmick account, with numerous viral examples being shared on Tumblr, Twitter, and Reddit.

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