The Momemt Someone Say “I Saw At The Party” Meme Explained

“You saw me at the party but didn’t say, “Hi,” / What I saw at the party:” is a common phrase used in image macro captions under the heading “What I Saw At The Party.” The expression is frequently used in conjunction with visuals that suggest extreme intoxication, in which the meme’s subject was “too messed up” to see the other partygoer. Late in 2018, Twitter became the first platform to embrace it, and in 2019, usage on other platforms like Instagram really took off.

The fuzzy photo of nighttime lights was tweeted on September 25th, 2018, by @astrologerlink (also known as @linkon foley at the time of publishing), with the comment, “What I saw at the party: “You spotted me at the party and didn’t say hi. Over a three-year period, the tweet got about 89,000 likes.

The account @thetastelessgentlemen screenshotted and shared the aforementioned tweet on Instagram on October 1st, 2018, where it earned about 69,800 likes over the course of three years.

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The initial iteration of the catchphrase was tweeted on October 2nd, 2018, by user @FridaKmusic. She only captioned a black background in the tweet. 24 people liked it after it was posted. Around the same time, additional Twitter users joined the movement. For instance, on October 3rd, @that trent guy used the statement along with the image “Someone I don’t like” (shown below, right). Twenty people liked his tweet.

@FridaKmusic billie joe byron What I observed at the party: Rectangle Font “You spotted me at the party and didn’t even say hi.” @that trent guy Trent “You noticed me during the party, but you didn’t say hello.”” What I observed at the event: a Font I don’t like

Notably, the fad exploded in Instagram meme communities in late 2019. @stheadsteve posted his original meme on December 19, 2019, becoming the first user on the network to do so. Over the course of two years, the meme garnered almost 51,300 likes using a photo of a fuzzy cat.

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At the gathering, I noticed you, but you didn’t say hello. What I observed at the event: Steve the sh*thead Felidae Organization: Cat Vertebrate Mammal Carnivore Whiskers medium-sized to small cats Rectangle Snout in Beauty Font

After the trend made a comeback on Instagram, it quickly gained popularity. As 2020 approached, meme creators began tagging items like Bladee album covers. It was utilised in video memes at the end of 2020, such as one that the account @traprapping reposted on November 17, 2020. Over the course of a year, the Schizowave-inspired video earned 21,600 likes. In general, the trend began to skew toward themes that Shizoposting had already established.

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