Who is Savannah Montano? Girlfriend of Dillion Danis

Who is Savannah Montano? Girlfriend of Dillion Danis

Dillion Danis is a mixed martial artist and a student of jiu-jitsu.

Dillion Danis is an American with a fantastic physical appearance.

Danis has won multiple championships in submission grappling and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, including the Eddie Bravo Invitational and the IBJJF No-Gi World Championship.

Dillion Danis has also acted as a cornerman for a number of MMA competitors throughout the years, including Conor McGregor.

Dillon Danis is 1.83 metres tall.

In an established household, Dillion Danis was born. His mother Nikki Danis is a real estate investor and model, while his father Mr. Danis is a businessman.

Who is Savannah Montano, girlfriend of Dillion Danis?

Records indicate that Dillion Danis is dating Savannah Montano. No records exist to demonstrate whether the two are still dating in 2023, though. Savannah is a professional Instagram model who frequently hangs out with Dillon. Disruptive Youth is the name of Savannah’s online store, which she founded using funds her father gave her.

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Savannah had dated Jessey Stevens, and the two of them started a YouTube channel to promote their romance. However, they called it quits in 2018.

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