Marty The Robot Escapes A Grocery Store And Has Fans In Stitches

Many online users were in stitches after watching the humorous video “Marty the robot escapes from a grocery shop,” which has gone viral.

Marty the robot, a towering robot with large eyes that helps with cleaning duties and detects out-of-stock items, is well known to Giant store patrons.

However, one Marty made the decision to leave his job in the middle of the day after customers spotted him strolling around the parking lot.

Thousands of people commented on the popular video on social media. Let’s have a look at the video that captured the attention of so many.

Marty the robot chose to quit his job early, which presented shoppers at the Pennsylvania Giant supermarket with an amusing and odd dilemma.

Marty is seen strolling around the Lehigh Valley’s parking lot in the viral video Rebecca Prendergast created, having escaped the grocery shop.

The Facebook caption for the video reads, “Marty escaped from the Hellertown Giant and almost made it to freedom before he was wrangled back to his supermarket prison.”

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Lehigh With Love, a Facebook group, posted the video, and after users reposted it, it received millions of views on various social media platforms.

Below, you can watch Marty’s daring escape:

Video leaves many in tears

Numerous internet users were in stitches after seeing the popular video.

One person remarked under the video on YouTube that it was a bad workplace when “even a robot who is designed to just work grows weary of it.”

Another person remarked: “Marty symbolises each of us who wants to quit our employment… He simply mustered the courage to act!

“As a Marty, I can guarantee you this doesn’t just happen to robots,” a third user said.

Every retail worker in the world is aware of how Marty feels, a fourth said in jest.

Marty “was merely on a fresh air break,” a Giant spokeswoman claimed, according to George Stockburger of ABC27 News.

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Marty “was just on a fresh air break,” according to GIANT.

Marty’s Escape Was Very Temporary

Marty’s dramatic escape made many people laugh and inspired others, but his desire for freedom was fleeting.

A worker soon appeared to remind Marty of his responsibilities and bring him back to the grocery shop after he had just finished wandering through the parking lot.

Other robots similar to Marty were introduced in Giant supermarket shops as part of a statewide programme that began in 2018.

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