Call The Midwife Christmas Special 2022

Call The Midwife Christmas Special 2022

The midwives go to their maternity clinic as Christmas approaches and are thrilled when their first patient is a familiar face. After the devastating train catastrophe, Poplar life gets back to normal, and everyone comes together for a joyful talent event.

For its 2022 Christmas special, the cherished BBC programme Call the Midwife will shortly return to our screens.

Fans can already see Leonie Elliott, Helen George, and Megan Cusack—who play Lucille, Trixie, and Nancy, respectively—having fun in the snow in a recent BBC behind-the-scenes video.

In an exclusive interview with, the show’s creator Heidi Thomas also hinted at some of the impending plots for the Christmas Special.

She stated that “something quite lovely occurs to Trixie, [and] Lucille has to deal with a considerable bit of sadness” in the special and into season 12.

Sister Veronica, a new nun, will be joining the lineup, she continued. We also have a story about a young mother who was recently released from prison and finds a community during the holiday season despite being entirely alone.

We also had a talent show, which was incredibly enjoyable to write, practise, and shoot. So, at Christmas, there is also a lot of joy.

Thomas also mentioned that the Christmas special will revisit the Thalidomide crisis, checking up with Rhoda Mullucks, whose child was born with birth deformities in season 5 as a result of taking medication given by Dr. Turner, as she gets ready to have another child a year from now.

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According to Thomas, the recent pregnancy “puts them under a certain amount of pressure and gives them a lot to worry about.”

We are picking up the pieces for them since we haven’t actually been with that family in five years, and it makes for a very unique Christmas special, she continued.

Here is all the information you need to know about the upcoming Call the Midwife Christmas 2022 special as we count down the days till we can relax and enjoy the holiday special when it airs on BBC One on Christmas Day.

Christmas 2022 will mark a special release of Call the Midwife

Helen George portrays Nurse Trixie Franklin in the Christmas special of Call the Midwife from 2022.
Helen George portrays Trixie Franklin in the Christmas special of Call the Midwife in 2022. Olly Courtenay, Neal Street Productions, and the BBC
Now that it has been officially confirmed, we can look forward to seeing Call the Midwife on our televisions in time for Christmas.

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The Christmas 2022 special will really show on December 25th at 7:55 p.m. on BBC One and BBC iPlayer, lasting an hour and 29 minutes.

Cast of the 2022 Christmas episode of Call the Midwife

While two characters will be leaving the series, viewers shouldn’t be too heartbroken because many familiar faces will be appearing in the Call the Midwife Christmas 2022 special.

These consist of:

  • Trixie Franklin is played by Helen George
  • Patrick Turner, portrayed by Stephen McGann
  • Timothy Turner portrayed by Max Macmillan
  • Lucille Robinson, played by Leonie Elliott
  • Cyril Robinson is played by Zephryn Taitte.
  • Sister Julienne is played by Jenny Agutter.
  • Sister Monica is Judy Parfitt. Joan
  • Nurse Megan Cusack Deborah Corrigan
  • Nurse Linda Bassett Phoebe Crane
  • Miss Higgins, played by Georgie Glen
  • Sister Frances is played by Ella Bruccoleri.
  • As Matthew Aylward, Olly Rix
  • Fred Buckle, played by Cliff Parisi
  • Rhoda Mullucks played by Liz White
  • As Shelagh Turner, Laura Main
  • Violet Buckle is played by Annabelle Apsion.
  • Reggie Jackson is played by Daniel Laurie
  • Special plot for Call the Midwife Christmas in 2022
  • Fans can anticipate the episode to contain its fair amount of heartwarming sequences, chuckles, and additional pivotal moments, just like any legendary Call the Midwife Christmas special.
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This time, the horrible train catastrophe occurred in December 1967, and as Christmas approaches, life in Poplar is getting back to normal.

According to the official BBC synopsis, fan favourite Trixie (Helen George) returns from Portofino “looking poised and lovely, much to the joy of Matthew (Olly Rix)”.

As it goes on: “When the midwives relocate the maternity clinic to new facilities, they are thrilled to welcome Rhoda Mullucks (Liz White), a familiar face to the team, as one of their first patients. Rhoda is extremely pregnant and understandably anxious after learning that her previous child was born with thalidomide-affected limbs.

“Sister Frances (Ella Bruccoleri) is called to a garment factory in a poor part of Poplar to deliver a Sylheti mother’s child while Nurse Crane (Linda Bassett) cares for a hugely pregnant single mother who was just released from prison.

“In a different scene, Fred (Cliff Parisi) believes that Poplar has to band together to raise money for the families still impacted by the train tragedy and proposes the fantastic idea of a festive talent show – Poplartunity Knocks!”

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